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XKawaiiHeartX's Appearance

is a regular user that is lvl. 7 she is known for being friendly and kind to others, she is also known for because of art books others make to bully her or harass her, She is mostly active only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Her appearance is she has light brown pigtails with bangs and two strips of hair that frames her face, she has blue eyes and light pink lips, she has a gray skirt with black on it and a strapless black top with a black necklace around her neck and has a silver crown (For dark fairy theme) Her close friends are Karamell765 and AwareTeenTitan, and she is currently dating XSeamusX. She has revealed that her dream is to be famous, even though she is not a V.I.P. She makes a lot of art books and she also makes movies, And she always remembers to be kind.            Thank you for reading! Be sure to auto XKawaiiHeartX and please add me on Msp my username is XHinataHyugaX3