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Hey Movie Stars!, I'm BabyBooBaby (Phoebe) I Play MSP Everyday! You Can Add Me If You Want...

I'm Not A Celeb But I Would Love To Be So Can You Watch My Movie's Or Love My Looks! My Bestie Is Minechick She Has Always Been There For Me, But If You Read Her Arties You Will See One That Says She Is Leaving :'( But I Don't Have To Worry As I Go To School With Her xD.

I Love MSP! I Have The App, Adobe Flash Player Version And Computer ! The App Hasn't Been Updated It Says The Mall Is Still Lvl 5 + ............. Hmmmmmmm That Reminds Me NEW LEVELS! The New Levels Are Great! I Get Fame For Giving Auto's So Now People Cant Scam Each Other Saying "Auto 4 Auto"!

My Blog Is Short I Know But Have No More To Say So Keep A Eye Out For BabyBooBaby!

MSP Blue ;b

Me ^ ^ ^

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