Pink Passion Queen-

Hi, I am Pink Passion Queen & I am a member on MSP. I am not famous or im not a V.I.P. member. But I am still just right. I haven't recently joined MSP, but maybe it's my second year. My hobby on MSP, is making art books, there lovely. My favorite places are like the Bunny Cafe or any kind of beach. I <3 clubs, there is a bubblegum club that I have recently joint. It's a pretty good club. I am on Level 5, because I haven't been earning that much fame but otherwise, im perfect with that! :) I have a logo here's a pic:


Pink Passion Queen description & logo.

I might even have a lovely pic of me, but I might post that later. My favorite color is Pink & Blue. My favorite movie star is actually stripystar, she left with a presentation of an artbook. My new account is StarQueen17, but i don't use it as much. You can visit it if you like. I love autographs, autographs earn me alot of fame so that I can level up. To earn autographs all I do is go to a cafe with alot of people & say "autos plz" & I get alot of autographs. That's the trick, anyways, I love contest's too I like making artbooks & entering them, but I never win. Mkaing movies for contests are really hard some prizes are like 15 day V.I.P. membership, which is really cool. I have a blog called but I don't use that account. So I don't edit it anymore. I love the MSP wiki because BunnyBabyBoo, has created this wiki & she has a lovely wiki! I was thinking of making a moviestarplanet wiki, but then I actually found out there is a wiki where you can post such things about MSP. This is Pink Passion Queen & This is who I am:


pink Passion Queen

~Pink Passion Queen/ Pink Whisker