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Safety Edit

Movie Star Planet tries as hard as they can to provide a safe and fun website. Which leads into live moderators 24/7. Moderators have an in-depth understanding of the language and culture of the country they are handling.

Movie Star Planet takes the safety of its users very seriously. Vernon Jones is the Head of Safety at Movie Star Planet.His Job is to make sure that Movie Star Planet users are protected against all forms of innappropriate contents and keep the online environment as safe as possible. Edit

Rules and Behavior Edit

Users are expected to follow a couple of simple rules and have a little common sense online. They also need parents/legal guardians to make sure the users understand the rules well. The most important rule is to never ever share your password/personal information

Reporting System Edit

Movie Star planet has an easy-to-use reporting system,it is only a few clicks away for your report to reach the Headquarters.Everyone has the right to report bad behavior, and moderators respond to reports within 24 hours. To report a different player, click on the username underneath the character, which will reveal their personal profile. On the top right hand corner, click the exclamation point in the yellow triangle. You will have the choice to either report or block the user. If you wish to report the player, you will have to choose a category in which the player violated. You also be required to type in a brief description of what the user(s) were/was doing in the situation. Once you click report, the Moderators have been notified of your Report!

Blocked/Banned Edit

If a user breaks the rules, they will be locked out from using their account, which ranges from five minutes to infinite depending on the severity of the behavior. If the user continues to violate the rules, or a severe breach occurs, Movie Star Planet can permanently block the user from the site, or place a computer IP address under a block, to prevent the user from registering under a different account.If a child's safety is at risk, or personal information is shared,Movie Star Planet notifies relevant law enforcement on the agencies on your behalf.

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