Hello, to you, whoever you are raeding this useless page *Bully's Myself xD*. And as I'm like the only active person on here, and as Imm probably the only one who posts stuff on this wiki, I'm daying hello to practically nobody :) Typical me. Well, if by some wacky reason you are rawding this in June 2017, then, you will know, it's free spree in the shops! So basically, on free spree, there are some clothes that are actually pretty nicem and they are only 30 star coibs. You can buy items that are 10 star coins I believe and also animations for the same price. So go to the MSP shop now, and the latest theme will be called 'Free Spree'. Get itquick, the theme will VAMOOSH soon, (I'm like, the ONLY PERSON who uses that word).

-Mooni x